Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cargile Update

Hard for me to believe it's been August since I posted last. As a matter of fact it's been so long I may have no readers left. Just wanted to give you an update on life in the critter corner. As usual we are the gatherers of all things animal. On New Year's Day we had a small beagle come up to me, obviously undernourished and cold. Of course I scooped her up and she's now our newest addition. We've named her Gypsey, fitting we thinks since she had been roaming around lost for what appeared to be a long-time. Our pack has accepted her nicely which we're thankful for. Unfortunately for Jerry and I, neither of us has the heart to say no to a homeless animal. I'll post a picture of Gypsey soon.

Friday, August 22, 2008

HD = HeaDache

For my loyal readers I apologize for my posting record. I find that without children or grandchildren to post photos of, my posts become very uninteresting. However, I was looking forward to going home this weekend to new High Definition service from Direct TV. Come to find out this is not as simple as we anticipated. We ordered all the correct equipment (including DVR) so we could have the capability of recording our wonderful new HD channels. The technician arrived this morning only to tell us we had a few slight problems to deal with. Problem #1 is a beautiful Magnolia tree that will block the line to those satellites that are all over our atmosphere. Problem #2 is a great Pecan tree that is not even on our property. I can see a Chainsaw weilding Jerry out their now cutting down these trees, but I think he has thought the better of it. I cancelled the HD stuff from Direct TV and we're now looking at Charter Cable to work their magic. Have a great weekend with or without HD!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Lovely Family!

The other day I received this photo from my brother, Darren. He had taken it in February at our Mom's 80th birthday celebration. This is a picture of all the Ingram brothers and sisters and my Mom and Dad. Front row L-R: Mom (Lorene), Dad (Delmer) and Darren. Back row L-R: The oldest, Richard, Susan (Sue), Phil and Nancy (me). I have a wonderful family, particularly my parents. They look great, don't they. I was raised in a home full of love and never worried about anything. We played outside till dark and could go wherever our bicycles could take us. It was a great childhood.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Too Fast!!

For those who know me it's no secret that I adore my great-niece, Emma. I was in the delivery room when she was born and was the first family member to see her. She takes up a very large portion of my heart and I thank God for her everyday. Yesterday I went to pick her up for Church and out walked a grown young-lady. Where did my baby go? I commented several times during the morning how grown-up she looked. Her response was I'm just trying to dress a little more "girly." Here are some then and now photos.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Person My Dog Thinks I Am.

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown

Each morning as I come down the stairs I'm greeted by what seems to be the happiest creature on Earth. Each afternoon when I pull in the driveway there are four happy creatures looking for me out of our glass door. Each night as I go to bed two happy creatures snuggle as closely to me as they can. Of course I'm talking about my dogs. Today, for some reason, I'm all sentimental about my"best buddies." A friend of ours teases us that when he dies he would like to be reaincarnated and return as one of the "Cargile Critters." That's a compliment to us really because Jerry and I, along with Teeny and Jason, work pretty hard to make sure they are cared for -- however, we're the real winners really. So the quote at the top of this post is true. I'm sure I could never live up to the great person my dog thinks I am -- but it's worth a try.
This is "Cookie Cargile." She thinks I hung the moon. Jerry and I rescued her and her puppies about 2 years ago.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update

Hello everyone. Hope a great weekend was had by all. I spent Saturday with a few work friends on Smith Lake. Jane, a long-time United Way employee and the person who hired me here at United Way, and her husband, Brian, have a beautiful lot on the lake. They plan to retire there and build a full-time residence. In the meantime, they have made a place I like to call "The Smith Lake Swiss-Family Robinson" lot. They already have their decks built and they are so natural you hardly notice them from the lakeside. Then underneath overhanging rocks they've build storage areas and yes even a potty place :) There's electricity, water, boat, sea-do and anything else you can think of for a great day at the lake. We had a blast. I tried to ski but only was able to stand up once and had a tough time balancing. It's only been about 20 years since I skiid last. Needless to say - today - I'm a little sore. Thanks Jane for a great, relaxing day.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Most of my readers are from Alabama and can appreciate the fact that it's hot and it's supposed to be hot in mid-July. We just arrange our outdoor work to take place in early morning or late afternoon. But not only are us human's noticing the heat, but the crowd of Cargile Critters are too. Some of you know that the Cargile House is virtually a Humane Society. If an animal needs a home, they will eventually find their way to our house. So, with that being said, we have four dogs -- all larger than 50 pounds with our heaviest weighing 95 pounds. We have a nice backyard with plenty of "romping" room and they love to run around chasing each other. But not in this heat. They run out, do their business, and practically knock us over getting back into the house -- now that's hot people. So maybe that's why they call it the Dog Days of Summer. Let's take a lesson from them. Only do what we absolutely have to and NAP THE REST OF THE TIME. Have a great week.